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Ultimate Magento 2 Improved Import & Export Extension by Firebear

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Chances are, you’ve been trying to enhance your Magento 2 website with the best extensions the Magento 2 ecosystem offers. Unfortunately, it is not the most straightforward task since there are a plethora of reliable modules and it is hard to find the best solution. The area of import/export tools is not an exception so we’ve decided to share an extension that pretends to be a leading solution. Meet the Improved Import & Export module by Firebear. Have you ever imagined a perfect tool capable of moving all the possible data to/from your e-commerce website? Guys from the Firebear studio have already tried to visualize this concept. And below we shed light on its features.

Download / Buy Firebear Improved Import & Export Magento 2 Extension

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Magento 2 Kill EAV For Customers video courses Part 2

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Magento 2 professional serie videos -kill  Eav for customer - give you the ability to play add remove show  add custom attributes  , customize events  , explore structure db and more ....

The Part 2 Recover:

  • First way to Show atrribute field in frontend (edit customer section)
  • Second way to Show atrribute field in frontend (edit customer section)
  • Save Attribute Value to db by plugin
  • How inject action around creation of customer (for example to vaildate phone number or send activation code before create customer , you can ignore creation of customer if the phone is not valide)
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Magento 2 Kill EAV For Customers video courses Part 1

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Magento 2 professional serie videos -kill  Eav for customer - give you the ability to play add remove show  add custom attributes  , customize events  , explore structure db and more ....

The Part 1 Recover:

  • Some notes about eav (i have used phpmyadmin to explain this point)
  • Add attribute to customer with Setup.php file (phone number by example)
  • Show attribute in admin (edit customer section) and in frontend (create customer section)
  • Save attribute value to db 
  • Other point inside the course explore and create query mysql inside terminal , we worked inside docker and with netbeans IDE .
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Magento 2 Get One Search Result by Sku (Free Extension with explanation of code)

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By default when you enter sku reference in quick bar search of Magento 2 , It displays all the product whose sku is having prefix of entered sku , By example if you enter 'BHSHIRT-F' for searching specific proudtc which have this reference as value , you will get  more tahn one for example ' BHSHIRT-FX1 and  BHSHIRT-FX2' .
Why ?
Now in Magento 2 we have in database catalogsearch_fulltext_scope1 and catalogsearch_fulltext_scope2 , is related to how many scope you have , let's imagine you have 2 store one for English and other for Arabic ,  the system create 2 scope . And stock the map of search inside this tables , but how ? Yeah let's go and see the structure of table ,this table have 3 columns entity_id and atrribute_id and data_index :
entity_id : id of entity or product that mapped with this infos
atrribute_id : id of attribute related to attribute set of product by default title and short description and description attribute used in map
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OroCommerce Some lines about layout (Block , Container , CMS Page) ….

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Inside views folder you will find folder layouts contain 2 floder of themes by example if you go to vendor/oro/commerce/src/Oro/Bundle/CMSBundle/Resources/views/layouts , you will find 2 theme blank and default as basic theme .
Inside everyone of it we have folders which named by (oro_frontend_root = home page or global declaration) (oro_cms_frontend_page_view = cms page view ) .

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OroCommerce Customize header top bar

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OroCommerce give you the ability to customize your header by combining many components and bundles like layout service management and other , first go to file : vendor/oro/customer-portal/src/Oro/Bundle/CommerceMenuBundle/Resources/views/layouts/blank/page/top_nav.yml
you need observe that is inside blank basic theme (the big parent of default and custom and other theme) the content is :

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Show Hide Fields (ex : street , city , region , country ….) in Checkout page

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The checkout page contain standard fields , in many cases the site owner needs to hide some fields for specific reason , the system give you the ability to hide some fields directy from xml , you can add checkout_index_index.xml (copy same structure or just what you want from this path vendor/magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/layout/checkout_index_index.xml) to you theme or your custom extension and start hiding some fields .

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Magento 2 Layouts and blocks inside php

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Magento 2 have a good system for  organize the blocks by layouts, In Magento 2 that is more flexible . You can play by many ways .

We want show how the developers can play with all the puzzle (layout block template and structure), the framwork Magento 2 have a component called View ("vendor/magento/framework/View"), it have almost all needed class for manage the frontend view in back and font office ,
 you can inject the class Magento\Framework\View\Layout  by factory for get instance of layout class . let's imagine your contruct  in plugin by example is

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Track V1 Rest url (how you can explore the path of request)

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Magento choose to use some interaction client as service (click) , for example when you try to place order you get url like rest//V1/guest-carts/:cartId/payment-information , ok but how you can see where is point this url ? Is a module controller action url ? Wrong is a service .

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OroCommerce Form : create color picker field

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Orocommerce is new  b2b ecommerce system , this system will need customizable themes , and the frontend developer need know how use color picker field for give the ability to user for customizing the theme from admin panel ,

Ok orocommerce is built on top of oro platform , and the platform propose you a lot of form type , you can find all in path vendor/oro/platform/src/Oro/Bundle/FormBundle/Form/Type/ .
One of them is OroSimpleColorPickerType and OroSimpleColorChoiceType . Let's try using simple example of how you can use  OroSimpleColorPickerType .

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Orocommerce Video Course : Expression in Payment Rules and Shipping Rules

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Infos About Payment Expressions

For flexible display and use of payment methods or shipping methods , you need explore and know how the rule expressions is working  , 
rules expression give you the ability to change the behavoir of payment methods , yeah : “ for example the Check/Money Order it will be availible just with some conditions and other not , if the customer have less than 4 items don't give him the option of Check/Money Order“ , with expression you can find solutions for complex cases “ what's about b2b ? ” ,
Orocommerce give you this big tool , for example in other system like magento you don't have by default “ you need add an extenssion for that like owebia shipping , but is just related to expression for shipping  !!!! ”

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Magento 2 For developer : some ideas about Search Framwork

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The search use 3 request name in magento 2 :

'quick_search_container' when you search from the small field text in the top

'advanced_search_container' when you use the advanced search page

'catalog_view_container' when you entre to category page or use filter in category page it's work by default

inside class Magento\Framework\Search\Search the function search(SearchCriteriaInterface $searchCriteria) build a request with class Magento\Framework\Search\Request\Builder; it's start by puched in object $this->requestBuilder the query name example 'quick_search_container'

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