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WooCommerce CRM

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Establish bi-directional connection between  (Open source CRM ) OroCRM and WooCommerce ,you can import customer order coupons and abandoned cart to CRM , for centralize the management of sales marketing and reporting , OroCRM, it can be used for anything related to your store marketing, sales, and customer services ,The WooCommerce Connector allows merchants to get a 360° view of every customer , recover abandoned cart and recover order

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OroCRM How to Use the Pro PDF Manager


Learn how a OroCRM Administrator can add or modify PDF templates (subtemplate) and how you can use those templates to download and email documents using the PDF Manager Pro

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OroCRM Programming: system configuration with ui_only option

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The  system configuration is important tool for creating global value used to customize or setup tasks 
, in OroCRM you can find the technique of how creating in official documentation :
here ibnab giving you other way to create and get value from  system configuration .
By ui_only: true and Configuration Provider  , Yes but what is  this ?
`ui_only` - indicates whether a field is used only on UI and do not related to any variable (optional, defaults to false)  = if you have a field doesn't need variable values or default value you can use   ui_only  

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OroCRM Video: Our new bundle PDF Manager

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Our Ibnab team created a new bundle for OroCRM 'PDF Manager' , create pdf with template inside OroCRM ,download or send by email , from grid or inside entity view .
This Extension is simple to use and it will be open source and free ...

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OroCRM and BAP Concept : Ui Placeholder best practice (More actions , inject holder , filters)

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The UiBundle in OroCRM is rich and  very flexible , but the courses about 'use case' and practice  is very few .
Ibnab Team decided to make a reference needed by programmers, combine theoretical and practical lessons .

Theoretical paragraph

We introduce in this course the idea of activityButton (action button) and activityLink (action link if you go for example to page contact view and click in More action , all this links is action links)  , and how you can use with  Placeholder  , how the system work ,how read from your placeholders.yml  :

Ok inside Oro BAP you have bundle with name  UIBundle for managing layouts templates and actions without touching the core just with injection or implementation in real time of application execution  , in order to improve layouts and make them more flexible a new twig token placeholder is implemented. It allows us to combine several blocks (templates or actions) and output them in different places in twig templates. This way we can customize layouts without modifying twig templates.

Practical paragraph :
1 – Create your action link and button
So for inject your Two actions without touching the core or override the template of Oro you need pass by placeholder.

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