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Orocommerce Video Course : Expression in Payment Rules and Shipping Rules

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Infos About Payment Expressions

For flexible display and use of payment methods or shipping methods , you need explore and know how the rule expressions is working  , 
rules expression give you the ability to change the behavoir of payment methods , yeah : “ for example the Check/Money Order it will be availible just with some conditions and other not , if the customer have less than 4 items don't give him the option of Check/Money Order“ , with expression you can find solutions for complex cases “ what's about b2b ? ” ,
Orocommerce give you this big tool , for example in other system like magento you don't have by default “ you need add an extenssion for that like owebia shipping , but is just related to expression for shipping  !!!! ”

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OroCRM How to Use the Pro PDF Manager


Learn how a OroCRM Administrator can add or modify PDF templates (subtemplate) and how you can use those templates to download and email documents using the PDF Manager Pro

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Magento 2 UI (Video) : use jquery widgets and requirejs in practice

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Magento 2 have flexible technique for manage Ui , have by default jQuery included , the teams of M2 include requirejs too on core , we call js with asynchronous method .

This tutorial give you in practice the ability of :

  • - call js with requirejs
  • - create custom js for manage ui .
  • - use jquery widgets
  • - create requrejs-config.js
  • - additional technique like work with frontend_model button_url and attribute tags ,pass params between frontend_model and .phtml
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Magento 2 Video : Start your theme from scratch in 10 minute

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Magento 2 give you the ability of starting your theme on top of existing theme or start from scratch , Magento 2 now use the technique of .less and processed it for give you the css result here you will find:

  • Create you theme on base of blank theme
  • How create your custom  home page
  • Where is magento 2 stock all  theme in db
  • Change logo
  • Change color with variable less (and small explain of how structured)
  • Use layout 

command for creating the files :

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

your _theme.less for ovirride the clolor exict inside this path :

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